Is Enlightened Society Possible?

Recently, in talks I have been giving, I have asked people  what they think an enlightened society would be like. Here are the students at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco  offering their thoughts.

The woman who rose above the hate

“I have the sincere belief that if people get to know each other, one on one, that they’ll stop being afraid of each other, and we’ll be able to get rid of all this hate in the world,” said Rose Hamid, the 56-year-old Muslim flight attendant who stood up in silence during Donald Trump’s campaign rally last week – and was ejected.

The Woman Who Rose Above the Hate 1The incident occurred at a Trump rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, attended by more than 2,000 of his supporters. Wearing a white head scarf and a turquoise shirt that read “Salam, I come in peace”, she was reported to have said in advance, “I figured that most Trump supporters probably never met a Muslim so I figured that I’d give them the opportunity to meet one.”

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